“As the job market rapidly changes, STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – skills have become increasingly valuable.  These careers are among the fastest-growing and highest-paying, yet Latinas only account for 3% of the industry.” Hispanic Network.  MANA recognizes the need to promote and support Latinas seeking careers in these challenging fields.  To this end, MANA created the STEM Scholarship and named it after Dr. Ellen Ochoa. We not only want to honor past Latinas in these fields, but also support those following in their footsteps.

Dr. Ellen Ochoa became the first Latina to go to space when she served on a nine-day mission aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1993.  She has flown in space four times, logging nearly 1,000 hours.  Her 30-year career at NASA culminated in serving as the 11th Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, from 2013 until her retirement in May 2018.  Prior to her astronaut career, Dr. Ochoa was a research engineer and an inventor, with three patents for optical systems.  She currently serves on several boards, continues outreach through speaking engagements and bilingual children’s books, and recently concluded a term as Chair of the National Science Board.  She is honored to have six schools named for her and has been inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame, the California Hall of Fame, the International Air & Space Hall of Fame, the Government Hall of Fame, and the National Academy of Engineering.


  • Scholarships of $2,000 each will be awarded for costs relating to educational expenses only (i.e. tuition, books, supplies, etc.);
  • Scholarship checks will be made payable to the recipient and university, community college, vocational school or leadership program;
  • Scholarships awards must be used during the 2023-2024 academic year;
  • Prior recipients may reapply annually;
  • Awards will depend on the availability of funds and demonstrated student financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement.


  • Hispanic/Latina Women seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree in one of these areas: (1) Science (2) Technology (3) Engineering (4) Math;
  • Detroit/Metro Detroit Resident;
  • Currently fulfilling high school graduation requirements or GED equivalent; or any student who has formally been admitted to, or is currently attending, a university, community college, or a leadership development program;
  • Eligible applicants may also include MANA de Metro Detroit members, relative of members, and participants in the “Hermanitas” Program.


Each Application MUST be filled out completely and returned electronically by April 17, 2023. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Applicant must be in the fields described under Eligibility to apply for this scholarship.

The following documents must be attached to your application:

  • Current academic transcripts and/or GED scores
  • Letter of acceptance from school or proof of registration
  • Letters of recommendation from two educators or community representatives
  • One to two page essay on your STEM field of interest. Follow the guidelines for the essay on the application.
  • A copy of the Free Application of Federal Financial Student Aid for 2023-2024
  • A copy of last federal tax return or proof of total household income for 2022.

Scholarship awardees will automatically become MANA members for the scholarship year. Recipients can use MANA as a reference on their resumes of  professional organization participation.  Recipients must also be willing to provide five (5) hours of volunteer work at any non-profit organization of their choice for each scholarship year.
All information must be received by the MANA Scholarship Committee on or before April 17, 2023. If additional information is needed, please contact Ines de Jesus via e-mail at: idejesus5044@aol.com
All awardees will be notified via email. Awardees must attend the MANA Celebration to receive their scholarships.  Date and location will be announced at a later date.

NOTE: Members or relatives of members of the Scholarship Review Committee are not eligible for the Dr. Ellen Ochoa STEM Scholarship.


Have any questions? We’d love to hear from you!


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