Mana de Metro Detroit is the local chapter of the national MANA organization. Our mission is to empower Latinas and create a better quality of life for all Latinos through education, leadership development and advocacy.

Mana is short for Hermana, Spanish for “Sister.” MANA National was founded in 1974 in Washington DC.



As we look back at the year of our 40th Anniversary, we can see a MANA that is transforming to meet the challenges of new generations, while maintaining diligent resolve to our goals of Leadership, Service and Advocacy for Latinas nationwide. In our 40th year, we reflected the lessons of our founders in the adult financial literacy education, youth mentoring, capacity building, and countless local programming initiatives provided to meet the needs of our communities in today’s ever-changing environment.

Our communications are increasingly online, but our Chapters and Affiliates have the community touch points that make a significant difference in connecting with Latinas from all walks of life and all backgrounds.



Hermanitas Program – provides opportunities for growth through the mentorship of our young Latinas by Latina leaders from all arenas: education, government, political, business, and community. The program encourages young Latinas to stay in school and achieve high academic performance, and helps to develop the talents and skills of young Latinas in elementary, middle and high school though educational and leadership programs.



“Las Soldaderas Yesterday Today and Tomorrow” by Mary Luevanos

MANA de Metro Detroit invites you each year to our Brindis (from brindar: to drink ceremoniously in honor of someone) Luncheon to salute outstanding women, recipients of our Adelita Award (named in honor of the dedicated women who fought in the Mexican Revolution), who go beyond daily responsibilities to promote and support the Latino community.

The actions of the women being honored today for their volunteerism, self-sacrifice and activism — demonstrate their commitment to positive change. It is their character and perseverance that gives hope and regenerates the soul.

These are women of courage who are a great example of what it means to be a member of a community. We come together to raise our voices in salute to these women whose powerful spirits soar. These are women with a purpose, a dream and determination.



MANA de Metro Detroit 

MANA de Metro Detroit Scholarship Program was established in 1996 and has been providing scholarships for Latina women on annual basis. As of 2021, MANA de Metro Detroit has awarded one hundred twenty-four scholarships. Scholarship awards may cover costs and educational expenses such as tuition, books and school related supplies.

Eligibility requirements for scholarship include the following: must be Hispanic/Latina, resident of Detroit or Metro Detroit, and be accepted or currently enrolled in a higher education institution, vocational/career training, or leadership program. Additionally, scholarship awardees are encouraged to join MANA, and must be willing to provide ten (10) hours of volunteering for a non-profit organization in a two year period.  

For the upcoming school year 2022-2023, the application period will be from March 2, 2022 to May 2, 2022.  All applications are due no later than May 2, 2022.


Carmen Muñoz Entrepreneurship

Carmen Muñoz Crites was born and raised in Southwest Detroit, the fifteenth of sixteen children to Simon and Maria Muñoz. A strong and tenacious woman, Carmen decided early in life that her fate and the opportunity for success and failure would rest in her hands. That determination led Carmen to an entrepreneurial path that included building her company, Muñoz Machine Products, into a leading automotive supplier that was recognized throughout the industry for quality and service.

Although she became an accomplished businesswoman, Carmen believed true success as achieved by improving the lives of others and giving back to the community where she was raised.

The Carmen Muñoz Entrepreneurship Scholarship Program was created to honor Carmen’s life and encourage Latina Women to continue her legacy of entrepreneurism and community engagement. The application process opens March 2 and closes no later than May 2, 2022.


Monica L. Martinez Leadership

Monica L. Martinez joined Comerica Bank in 2006 and throughout her career, she served as a compassionate advocate and voice for the underserved families, neighborhoods, entrepreneurs, business owners and communities that Comerica serves.  As Senior Vice President of National Community Affairs, Monica impacted all aspects of the bank’s involvement in Hispanic Business development nationally.  Prior to joining Comerica Bank, Monica worked for Ford Motor Company where she served as Grassroots and Political Communications Manager, holding various positions on the corporate staff during her 10-year tenure.

Monica L. Martinez was a longtime member of the Metro Detroit chapter of MANA. She was instrumental in providing funding for scholarships and for the Hermanitas, a MANA program that mentors and guides young Latinas in their pursuit of higher education. To honor Monica’s legacy, MANA has established this Leadership Scholarship.



I just want to say again how thankful I am to the scholarship committee for giving me this scholarship.  It has brought my family and I relief for getting this amazing help.

Nancy Jimenez Solis

I just would like to say thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies at MANA!  I received my check already and thought I’d say thank you.  I appreciate it so much and I’m very thankful to have the opportunity to receive this scholarship.  Dios las bendiga a todas! (:

Nubia Hernandez


Pictured left to right: Mari Cruz-Moya, Stephanie Lopez-Gilmore, Martha Gonzalez-Cortes

ADELITAS  1996 – 2003

  • 1996 Adelitas Community Involvement – Irma Clark, Gloria Rocha, Gloria Rosas, Christie Urgo de Lozano
  • 1997 Adelitas Education – Penny Bailer, Norma Barquet, Gloria Butler Miller, Ines de Jesus
  • 1998 Adelitas Health – America Bracho, Guadalupe Lara, Myrna Mendez, Toni Villarruel, Erminia Ramirez
  • 1999 Adelitas Political Empowerment – Jane Garcia, Honorable Belda Garza, Eva Garza Dewaelsche, Hon. Patricia Perez Fresard
  • 2000 Adelitas Arts and Culture – Dr. Lucie Cruz Gajec, Cristina Huizar, Marta E. Lagos, Nora Chapa Mendoza, Jacqueline Rae Sanchez
  • 2001 Adelitas Business Owner – Ninfa Cancel, Maria C. Luna, Patricia Rojas Ferguson, Jacklyn Salazar, Serafina Hernandez
  • 2002 Adelitas Media – Olivia Galan, Carmen Garcia, Laura, Luevanos, Raquel Vazquez, Sara Toro, Dolores Sanchez
  • 2003 Adelitas Labor – Rebecca Cabreros, Alana Reyes-Ali, Maria Enriquez, Gloria Gonzalez, Goldie Martinez, Elena Herrada, Maria Winters, Sandra Esparza, Luisa M. PereZ


Pictured left to right: Melissa Villarreal Lydia Gutierrez, JoAnn Chavez, Maria Enriquez (not pictured)

ADELITAS  2004 – Present

  • 2004 Adelitas Leadership – Maria Flores, Sally Rendon, Angela Reyes, Blanca Almanza
  • 2006 Adelitas Community Service – Mary Barela, Mary Luevanos, Adela Rivera, Maria Salinas, Mary Turner
  • 2007 Adelitas Advocates – Ruth Dumas, Alicia Juarez, Juanita Hernandez
  • 2008 Adelitas Recipients – Jeanette Avila, Carmen Muñoz, Edith Colon, Giovanna Rodriquez
  • 2012 Adelitas Recipients – Sister Consuelo Alcala, CSJ Dorothy Alcala, Laura Echartea, Sheila Jackson, Monica Martinez, Judge Maria Oxholm, Kathleen Wendler
  • 2013 Adelitas Recipients – Cindy Estrada, Beatriz Esquivel Ramos, Debra Ehrmann
  • 2014 Adelitas Recipients – Sylvia Gucken, Renee Liagkos, Celia Christina Rosas ,Rosa Cruz-Avila
  • 2015 Adelitas Recipients – Rocio Campos, Alma L. Guajardo-Crossley, Marycruz Gutierrez Saldivar
  • 2016 Adelitas Recipients – Laura Reyes Kopack, Laura Robollar, Whitney Walton
  • 2019 Adelitas Recipients – JoAnn Chavez, Maria Enriquez, Melissa Villarreal




President- Stephanie Lopez Gilmore
Vice President- Cindy Gamboa
Secretary- Tanya Saldivar-Ali
Treasurer- Tanya M. Caruana


Cindy Gamboa, Chair
Sandra Valle-Sloane
Celena Zavala
Ana Rivera


Alma G. Crossley, Chair
Sandra Valle-Sloane
Olivia Mendoza
Cinthya Casillas
Eva Torres

Eva G.Dewaelsche
Mary Carmen Munoz
Antoinette Fox
Monica Lile
Nubia Hernandez
Paula Miller


Ninfa Cancel, Chair
Cinthya Casillas
Sandra Valle-Sloane
Erminia Ramirez

Maria Flores
Maria Salinas
Debra Ehrmann
Jonelle Lopez


Myrna Mendez, Chair
Daniela Garibay
San Juanita Barajas
Jonelle Lopez



Ines de Jesus, Chair
Laura Echartea
Laura Torres
Sandra Gonzales
Ana Calandrino

Helena Lazo
Sandra Valle-Sloane
Lilian Roa
Cinthya Casillas
Mary Carmen Munoz
Rocio Contreras


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